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The Pack ProfileI’m Holly Ambrose, author of the award-winning book, 30 Eco-Trips in Florida: The Best Nature Excursions (and How to Leave Only Your Footprints). I also was the editor and publisher of EcoFlorida magazine — a print publication — with a website I ran for 10 years.

Arches National Park

My family and I love to travel, especially to natural areas. (We love camping!) Within the past year, my family road tripped 11,000 miles, crossing the United States from Key West to Niagara Falls, from San Diego to Hilton Head.

I’ve worked with the National Wildlife Federation on projects to help get kids out in nature, and for 15 years, I’ve led groups of people on outdoors adventures. This site can help you, too, get your own Pack out there … or maybe even help you Pack for a road trip.

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