So much of the outdoors recreation and travel news is also coronavirus news, so this week I don’t have a separate category for the coronavirus. It’s all the same. What’s also new is that some national parks are using reservations for visitors, and apparently paddlesports equipment is selling out (the way bicycles reportedly did this spring). Here’s a roundup of recent news articles about family travel and the outdoors.

Diversity in the outdoors

Here’s how national parks are working to fight racism

How We Can Build an Anti-Racist Outdoor Industry

National parks

Rising Coronavirus Cases Aren’t Keeping All Tourists From National Parks

If You Really Want to Visit a National Park, Skip the Big Ones

You could be required to make a reservation before visiting a national park this summer

The Pandemic and the National Parks


During Pandemic, A Renewed Embrace of Camping

Is it safe to camp right now? What you should know

Forest Service, CDC Provide Safe Camping Guidelines

Road Trips

Before you plan your summer road trip, read this

Is It Safe To Take A Summer Road Trip In The COVID-19 Era?

7 Best West Coast Road Trips in the U.S.

Car been sitting idle during the COVID-19 outbreak? Here’s how to prep it for a road trip

9 Tips to Survive a Road Trip as a Single Parent


Real survival tips: How to hike with kids

The least-congested hiking trail in every state


Here are 8 of the best places to kayak in Metro Detroit

Kayaking for Beginners: An Essential Checklist

Kayaks, paddle boards, and canoes are selling out—here’s where to still buy them

Kayaking in Georgia: 5 spots

Family travel

The Mom’s Guide to the Hudson Valley

5 fun family destinations in New York State

This North Carolina Island Is the Ultimate Secluded Family Vacation Destination

25 Resorts in the U.S. That Are Perfect for Families